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CBS, NFL Partner with ESPN Deportes to Simulcast Super Bowl 50 in Spanish

With the kickoff of Super Bowl 50 now just weeks away, the National Football League and the event's broadcaster CBS have announced a new partnership to bring America's biggest sporting event live to Spanish-speaking fans through ESPN Deportes for the first time.
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Latino Diversity and Visibility Still Lacking in Both English- and Spanish-Language Media

The varied and distinct collection of Latino sub-groups and cultures fail to be properly represented on the screen, and the highest-earning Latinos in Hollywood tend to be noticeably lighter. While darker Latinos have increased in numbers onscreen, they are almost exclusively cast in supporting roles, and often they play exclusively black characters.
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Univision Moves into Canada to Reach its Rising Latin American Population

Spanish language media giant Univision will be available on Canada's cable and satellite platforms in a new channel called Univision Canada, in a new push to reach Canada's growing population of Spanish speakers.

National Latino Cultural Landmark Destroyed

The station was erected as KCOR-TV in 1955, but was sold and became KWEX-DT. The building in now facing total demolition; 50-60 percent of the building has already been torn down, but the remaining portion of the structure has temporarily been secured by a court order.
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