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Startup DoorDash No Longer a 'Unicorn' With Latest Funding Round and Sub-Billion Valuation

Many have seen a shakeup coming this year to Silicon Valley's so-called "Unicorn" startups, those private startup companies like Uber and AirBnb that have a billion dollar valuation or greater. DoorDash Inc., a food-delivery startup that was seeking a $1 billion valuation when it began fundraising last fall, is reportedly now out of unicorn club as it finishes its investment round valued below that symbolic level -- and it may be the first of many.
Techcrunch Disrupt NY Manhattan Center startups

Startup Shakeup? Goldman Chief Sees Reality Check for Silicon Valley's Unicorns

The all-star startups over the past few years in Silicon Valley were all about growing as big and as fast as possible. That mindset bred a crop of young private companies so heavily funded, their valuations surpassed those of many long-established blue chip firms.
Google Diversity Report 2015

#RealDiversityNumbers: Twitter Users Probe What's Wrong With Silicon Valley -- Tech Companies Could Benefit From Listening

Silicon Valley companies are being pressured to add some diversity to their mostly white, male workforces -- and this time, it's coming from a grassroots hashtag campaign on Twitter.
Daniel Lubetzky / KIND

CHANGING THE GAME: Daniel Lubetzky, CEO of KIND Snacks, Shares his Ingredient for Purposeful Success

"Changing the Game" is a series featuring prominent Latino changemakers and their stories of success, innovation, and vision.
Techcrunch Disrupt NY Manhattan Center startups

The Challenges Latino Technology Startups Face, As Explained By the Latino Entrepreneurs Facing Them

A study from IHS Global Insight, an economic forecasting firm, said Latinos might account for 40 percent of the U.S. job growth by 2020, and that increase includes the rate of Latino entrepreneurs. During the last two decades, Latino entrepreneurship has tripled, and Latin Post spoke with entrepreneurs who have further built the groundwork for Latino community to succeed particularly in the tech sector.

Spanish-Language Seminars Teach Latinas Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Spanish-language Latina Hope classes are equipping Hispanic women in South Texas with the necessary tools required to launch their own craft businesses, also helping those with pre-existing craft businesses to function more professionally.
internet week

Internet Week NY 2014: Reasons to Start a Startup in New York: Immigration and Education Are Vital

New York City is known as a mecca for businesses, large and small, yet California seems to be the main grounds for technology companies.

Exclusive: Enigmedia Encryption Startup Secures, Gives Complete Data Ownership to Clients from Banks to Governments

Encryption has become an important issue with many organizations following the growing interest of securing privacy, and one startup company has worked on securing communications.
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Latina Entrepreneurs Contribute Billions to American Economy Every Year

Large California-based companies tend to originate as small-scale operations. These companies, driven by founders with outstanding ideas and access to capital, can grow in just a matter of a few short months when guided by individuals who have a strong vision. More and more apparent is the fact that many of these business leaders and entrepreneurs are not white, nor or they male; rather, they are Latina women who have learned how to thrive in a high risk-high reward startup environment.
SXSW 2014

SXSW 2014 News: Winning Startups Heavy on Wearables, Tracking Tech

This year, South by Southwest Interactive - the tech expo that precedes the SXSW music and film festival in Austin, Texas - was just packed with startups vying for attention and funding as ever. Here's a rundown of the winners among the crowd.
Small Business Saturday

TD Bank Study Indicates Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses are Doing Well

According to TD Bank, which pegs itself "America's Most Convenient Bank®" and was named Money Magazine's "Best Big Bank in America" for 2013, more than half of Hispanic small business owners in New York City met or exceeded their 2013 business goals, despite the nation's rocky economic conditions.
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Too "Legitimo" to Quit: Start Up App Makes Contracts Accessible for Free

"Legitimo" nearly says it all...a Spanish word that means legitimate in English. The smartphone app, that employs the word, is a tool that manages to create legitimate contracts that act to safeguard those involved in domestic services, such as painting, cleaning, and minor home remodeling, and more.

The Midwest Seeks Immigrant Startups to Kickstart the Economy

St. Louis, Missouri is yet another example of a city that struggles with the “recruitment and retention of human capital.” St. Louis has a small immigrant population compared to other metro areas of similar size, and that absence explains a lack of economic expansion and growth.
Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez of Sportmanias Talks Start-ups & Sports

Sports dominate as one of America's greatest pastimes; the nation loves witnessing competitive physical activity that involve baseball bats, boxing gloves, hockey sticks, golf clubs, rackets and various sized balls. Spectator sports dominate Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings, and hours go into fans researching and keeping up with their favorite sports teams and sports celebrities. Sportsmanias, an innovative twitter-based website, helps fans to better connect with their favorite teams and their favorite players.

Facebook Buys Android App Efficiency Startup in Ongoing Global Mobile Expansion

Facebook is looking to shore up its mobile services with the acquisition of Little Eye Labs, a small Indian startup that helps analyze mobile app data. This marks yet another step as Facebook expands its mobile empire, an under-exploited platform that holds promise for companies to gain new users who don't own, or prefer to use, desktop computers.

Latino Startups to Look out for in 2014

Mark Clayton Hand, Oxford SBS Seed Fund co-founder, recently concluded a three-piece series on Latino startups, tracking some hurdles and high points that startups face as they move toward success.
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