La Santa Cecilia at La Puente High School

Grammy Award-Winning La Santa Cecilia Performs at La Puente High School and Inspires Students with Powerful Message

Teachers often have the greatest impact on their students; they help mold us into the people we are today, yet sometimes it's only until later in life that you truly recognize the profoundness of their method of teaching or approach.
La Santa Cecilia

La Santa Cecilia Rocks NYC's Highline Ballroom During Hispanic Heritage Month, Watch Exclusive Soundcheck

Grammy-winning, L.A.-based Mexican-American band, La Santa Cecilia has become one of our favorites here at Latin Post, so when we got word of the band coming to the Big Apple to rock the Highline Ballroom during Hispanic Heritage Month, we just had to pay the band a visit.
Jose Andres Gutierrez Rivera

La Santa Cecilia 'Strawberry Fields Forever' Music Video Creator Animates Music With a Message

San Juan, Puerto Rico-born and New York City-raised digital artist Jose Andres Gutierrez Rivera teamed up with Grammy-winning, L.A.-based, Mexican-American band La Santa Cecilia to create its animated music video for their Beatles' cover, "Strawberry Fields Forever."
La Santa Cecilia

La Santa Cecilia 'Strawberry Fields Forever' Music Video Pays Tribute to Migrant Workers With Beatles Cover

On July 10, La Santa Cecilia wowed more than 1,500 Latino leaders, including first lady Michelle Obama and superstar Jennifer Lopez, with its rendition of "Strawberry Fields Forever" at the LULAC Unity Luncheon hosted by the National convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens -- and they're doing it again, but this time its online for the whole world to see.
LULAC Unity Luncheon Starring La Santa Cecilia

La Santa Cecilia Wows LULAC, First Lady Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez with a Multicultural Spin on The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields' Inspired by Migrant Workers

"I don't think you can better a Beatles song, they are all amazing," said lead singer Marisol "La Marisoul" Hernandez of the Grammy winning band, La Santa Cecilia. Yet somehow, La Santa Cecilia has managed to do just that, by highlighting the tireless efforts of migrant workers who tend to our very own 'Strawberry Fields' in the United States.
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