Jorge Pérez, founder of The Related Group

These 5 Self-Made Hispanic Millionaires Prove That Immigrants Can Be Successful Too

While being an immigrant in the United States is not easy, these 5 successful Hispanic immigrants prove otherwise.
President Barack Obama

Barack Obama's AMA on Reddit: Tips to Ensure Success for Recent Graduates

Many students are graduating this May and many hard decisions will need to be taken. Some students will be unemployed while others will already be out with a job. Others will be working on forming their own companies while others will still try and figure out what it is they want to do with their lives. President Obama shares some important tips on his AMA on how to succeed as a recent graduate.
Ailyn Perez

Beverly Sills Award Winner Ailyn Perez On Her Growth Into Stardom In Operatic World [Exclusive]

An Exclusive interview with Ailyn Perez, Metropolitan Opera singer and Beverly Sills award winner.

Prince Passed Away But There's Five Tips the 'Purple Rain' Singer Recommends to Artists

Legendary singer and songwriter Prince passed away on April 21, leaving a legacy behind. The singer was among the most legendary musicians of his time, and he was among the most revolutionary in the music industry, inspiring some of today's great artists.
Elon Musk

Here's Five Tips Elon Musk Offers to Be Successful As Him

Ever wonder how to be successful. Ever wonder what successful businessmen like Elon Musk do. Well these are five useful tips from the business magnate, engineer, inventor and investor that will help you become an overachiever.
Robert Downey Jr,

Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr.! Actor's Top Quotes on Advice for Success - 'Confidence to Move Forward'

Ever wonder what a superhero had to do to get to success. Well today on Robert Downey Jr.'s birthday also known as Iron Man, Latin Post will share some unforgettable quotes by the actor that are not only educational but also inspirational to all those who are trying to gain success in one way or another.
Miami Open - Day 6

8 Things Millionaires Do at the Workplace to Overcome Challenges, Hardships and Obstacles

Everyone faces a major challenge at some point. However, truly successful people find ways to overcome them and continue on their route towards success. The following is a list of what millionaires do to overcome obstacles.
Anjelah Johnson

'MADTv' Comedian Anjelah Johnson Shares Her Journey to Success and the Origins of Bon Qui Qui

The vulgar fast food employee Bon Qui Qui is just one of the instruments from observational comic Anjelah Johnson's comedic toolbox. The Mexican/Native American funnywoman, who launched her career on "MADTv", has kept audiences laughing for years with her colorful impressions and animated retellings, appearing in films, on stage, and in numerous television series. But, funny enough, the former NFL cheerleader never had the desire to be a comedian.
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Latino-Owned Texas Body Shop Shares its Secrets to Success for Over Three Decades

La Voz Newspapers recently began featuring Hispanic-owned start-up businesses within their pages on a monthly basis for the sake of repairing statistics that indicate that 44 percent of all start-up businesses will throw in the towel within the first four years of launching. The newspaper introduces the owners of brimming new businesses and successful long-standing businesses to the public, and uses their business knowledge to unveil the secrets of longevity and perseverance in an economy that makes independent ventures seem downright horrifying. The Montealgres, who own Chris and Phil's Body Shop, kept their business afloat by seeing the benefits of true team work, business knowledge and not being afraid to put family and friends to work for a good cause.
Eva Longria

The Eva Longoria Foundation Uses UCLA Study to Examine Contributing Factors to Latinas' Success

Eva Longoria, actress-turned-blossoming media mogul, philanthropist and producer, is using the Eva Longoria Foundation to empower Latinas, and to foster their growth as intelligent young women.
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