Mexico continues to abuse and ignore the rights of its citizens.

Mexico Caught Spying on Journalists and Activists' Smartphones

Stuff that makes you think twice about what you send and snap.
FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Rio De Janeiro Maracana stadium police security forces

FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazil Spends Almost $1B on High Tech Security, 'RoboCop'-Style Armored Police

If you're in Rio catching the FIFA World Cup 2014, you might see some futuristic looking riot police clad in black armor resembling the titular character from the RoboCop reboot, along with gas masks that look like Darth Vader. That's just a sample of the massive buildup of 21st century military tech meant to secure visitors and "pacify" impoverished Brazilians, fed up with the country's massive spending on international sporting events.
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