Puerto Rico Becomes the New Hot Spot for Bitcoin Millionaires With Its Lower Taxes

Puerto Rico Becomes the New Hot Spot for Bitcoin Millionaires With Its Lower Taxes

Latin American country Puerto Rico has become the new have for the bitcoin millionaires with Act 60, which offers significant tax savings to qualified residents.
Elon Musk on Time Person of the Year

Elon Musk Hits Back at Elizabeth Warren After Senator Called Him 'Freeloader' and Accused Him of Not Paying Taxes

Elon Musk hits back at Elizabeth Warren after Senator accused him of "freeloading" and not paying his Taxes after being named as Time's "Person of the Year."
Who Gets Qualified On the 90-Day Delay Of Tax Payment?

IRS to Delay April 15 Tax Deadline for 90 Days, Are You Eligible?

Did you know you may be able to actually delay paying your taxes for 90 days? But is every one qualified for this reprieve?
US Capitol immigration deportation

Wages Declined As Immigration Population Increased in US, Says Congressional Report

The average U.S. income from the bottom 90 percent of tax filers have reportedly dropped as the immigration rate increased, according to a congressional report.
Puerto Rico Alejandro Garcia Padilla

Puerto Rico Governor Proposes Tax Overhaul; Potential Billion Dollar Revenue Projected

Amid the troubling status of the Puerto Rican economy, the commonwealth's governor proposed a double-digit value-added tax in hopes to building the government's revenue.
Barack Obama

President Obama to Propose Tax Reform for 'Simpler, Fairer' Tax Code to Benefit Middle Class for State of the Union

President Barack Obama will propose a new tax plan during Tuesday's State of the Union address aimed at simplifying the current tax code for individuals and eliminating loopholes for the benefit of the middle class.
Samsung Galaxy S4

US Mobile Internet Consumption Doubled, Declining Landline Usage Affects State and Local Taxations

Mobile Internet usage has doubled in the U.S. during the last two years, but its had dented state and federal agencies' taxation efforts.
Affordable Care Act health fair

House Republicans To Introduce Obamacare Alternative

Since President Barack Obama introduced his healthcare reform law near the beginning of his presidency, GOP lawmakers have staunchly opposed it while many have vowed to repeal it.

National Priorities Project Breaks Down Federal Tax Dollar Spending For 2013

The National Priorities Project recently reported a break down of how the U.S. government spent our tax dollars in the 2013.
Fuel Pump

Top-10 Most Expensive Gas Prices Report: Cheap Gasoline Not Available In These States

From Feb. 8 through March 18, gasoline prices around the nation steadily increased. While there was only one day out of the 38 days where prices didn't go up, the price of gas hit its highest in the last six months.

Today Show Suicide Attempt Prompted By IRS Pressure Over Unpaid Taxes

The man who attempted to take his life nearby the Today's show on Thursday was under pressure from the IRS to pay what he belived to be an unfair sum.
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