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Most Hispanic Millennials Handle Finances Well But Struggle to Find Financial Happiness

Two-thirds of millennials said they wished they were better prepared before experiencing a financially-traumatic major life event. Beyond addressing stressors, the survey shined a light on Hispanic millennials' preparedness for major life events, such as buying a home.
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iPhone and Android-Users Can Now Open Bank Accounts From Their Smartphones

There are individuals who've not only failed to embrace online banking, but have yet to open a bank account at all. Lucky for them, opening an account just got a little easier in case they change their minds, because they can now remotely open an account from the comfort of their very own smartphones.
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Hispanic Business Owners Cite Passion, Pride and Control as Motivating Factors

Entrepreneurship is rooted in Latinos' cultural values. Their hard-working, disciplined nature coincides with a creative spirit, leading millions to pilot their own businesses. Doing so allows them to explore their passions, create more jobs within their communities and grants them more control and flexibility.

Hispanic Millennials More Comfortable Than Peers With Financial Technology, Mobile Banking

Ninety percent of Hispanic millennials said they use online tools/phones for their daily banking activities. Forty-four percent of Hispanics use mobile banking applications and sites, compared to 29 percent of the general population. Young Hispanics often engage in banking activities such as balance inquiries, bill payments, quick payments and much more.
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TD Bank Study Indicates Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses are Doing Well

According to TD Bank, which pegs itself "America's Most Convenient Bank®" and was named Money Magazine's "Best Big Bank in America" for 2013, more than half of Hispanic small business owners in New York City met or exceeded their 2013 business goals, despite the nation's rocky economic conditions.
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