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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Challenges Latina Sheriff on Sanctuary City Policy

While the fight to cease “sanctuary cities” has been averted in Congress, at least temporarily, the topic continues with Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.
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Texas Voter ID Law Lawsuit Struck Down, Gov. Greg Abbott to Continue 'Discriminatory' Voter ID Efforts

The Voting Rights Act celebrated its 50th anniversary on Thursday, and opponents of Texas' voter identification law are celebrating a court's decision to strike down the law. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit struck down the Lone Star State's voter ID law, which Democrats have labeled as "discriminatory," but Republicans said the law was to halt voter fraud.
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Immigrant Rights Group Appeals to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Mexican Wife to Stop DACA, DAPA Lawsuit

Immigrant rights advocates are reaching out to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Latina wife to help end his lawsuit blocking President Barack Obama’s deferred action programs.
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Latinos, Immigrant Rights Advocates Observe DAPA’s Original Implementation Date with Protests, Rallies

Six months after President Barack Obama announced his latest immigration executive action, the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program's future remains unknown. To commemorate what would have been DAPA’s implementation date, Latino and immigrant rights are hosting events and rallies for the deferred action program that could result in a GDP increase of $164 billion by 2025.

Civic Engagement Group Protests Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Not Meeting Immigrant Families

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been criticized by a Texas-based civic engagement organization for his inaction on immigration and immigrant families.
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