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Top 5 Latest Smart Watches for All Ages on Amazon

The top 5 latest smart watches available on Amazon.
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Mexico, Central America Among Most Popular Vacation Destinations for US Hispanics

Latinos truly value their vacation time, more so than Americans overall. Hispanics take time off of work each year, primarily during the summer and/or the holiday season.
Casey Jenkins Vagina Knitting

YouTube Video of the Day: Vagina Knitting [WATCH]

Casey Jenkins, a feminist performance artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, unveils a new form of knitting method: vagina knitting. As absurd as it sounds, she certainly proves that the two words are no longer oxymoron.
Pro Infirmis Mannequin

Because Who Is Perfect? Video: Pro Infirmis Clip Will Make You Think Twice About Defining Perfection [WATCH]

As people pass by the extravagant shiny window displays on Fifth Ave, they secretly wish they could look like one of those mannequins under the bright spotlight with their sculpted body and envious curves. The video, titled as "Because who is perfect? Get closer," will certainly make you think otherwise and appreciate the body you were born with.
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