FCC Net Neutrality open internet last week tonight with john Oliver HBO

John Oliver's Call to Net Neutrality Trolls Crashes FCC Servers

To help protect net neutrality, comedian John Oliver on his HBO show Last Week Tonight called on internet lovers to do what they do best: trolling. The result? They probably crashed the FCC's servers.

Reddit Forum for Women Flooded by Internet Trolls, Sparks Outrage, TMI Backlash

TwoXChromosomes, the Reddit community that was constructed as a safe space and discussion board for cisgendered women, transgendered women and any female-identified individuals to address gender-related issues, has recently been met with a bout of misogynistic messages and internet trolls after being made a "default" subreddit. Previously, posters had to seek out the community whose motto is "women supporting women," but the new setting directs all users of the massive internet forum toward 2X content.
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