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Latino Entrepreneurs Are Rapidly Creating Startups But Why Is Early Funding So Rare?

Latinos are creating businesses at a faster rate than the average for entrepreneurs. But only about one percent of Latino-owned businesses receive the early funding so important (and common) to many average startups. What gives?
Brazil's GDP Expected To Shrink Further As Economic Woes Continue

Latin American Economic Downturn Forces Private Equity to Stick Around, for Now

Latin America is going through quite a tough recession, but the private equity that flooded the region before the downturn hit is there to stay -- at least, for now.
Diversity in Venture Capital, 2015 Report Latino makeup

Diversity in Tech: An Eye-Opening Look at Venture Captial's Decision Makers

Silicon Valley's represnatives are only part of the problem with diversity in technology. The other center of power is known as Sand Hill Road, a part of Silicon Valley that's the center of private equity for the tech industry.
Kenny Salas, Sean Salas, Latino Entrepreneurs, Camino Financial

Camino Financial: Small Business Finance for Latino Entrepreneurs, by Latino Entrepreneurs

Funding and growth remains a big challenge for Latino businesses, from hi-tech startups to the mom and pop restaurant on the corner. One startup founded by two Harvard Business school students, who are also twin brothers, aims to pin its own by growth on helping small Latino businesses reach their full potential.
Manos Accelerator

Manos Accelerator’s David Lopez Talks Lack of VC Funding for Latino Startups, New Addition to Manos

Jennifer Lopez might have garnered the most attention from an audience not used to hearing business pitches from global pop superstars last week at the Venture Capital Association's VentureScape conference. But it's her father David, co-founder of the Latino startup-focused Manos Accelerator, who most challenged the assumptions of those investors in budding businesses.
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