Voto Latino Power Summit 2014

Leadership Lessons Earned and Learned at the Voto Latino Power Summit

Important takeaways from the "Game Changer" workshop and the entire Voto Latino Power Summit event were as vast and broad as the varying interests, concerns, and needs of the Latino community; yet there were some standout impressions: the importance of Spanish-speakers and Spanish-speaking experts at events looking to target Latinos is paramount; recognizing that younger generations are the door to the older generations -- this is important when trying to attract older generations to causes and offers that are only present online; and vice versa: as older generations are identified as the number one factor in pushing Latino millennials to get healthcare.
Maria Teresa Kumar

Millennials Learn the Value of Leadership From Maria Teresa Kumar, Rosario Dawson and Wilmer Valderrama

Millennials and tween-agers filled the ranks; filed in close, stood-at-attention, ready to absorb knowledge and wisdom. Maria Teresa Kumar, Rosario Dawson, and Wilmer Valderrama arrived ready to lay down knowledge on the doting audience -offering valuable perspective on Latino emergence, prevalence, and the excellence of the group.
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