Raul Gutierrez, CEO and Founder of Tinybop

WHAT'S NEXT: Tinybop Founder Raul Gutierrez Navigates Journey Towards Unlocking Kids' Imaginations

If you're a parent interested in providing some of the best educational software for your kids' mobile devices, you've undoubtedly heard of Tinybop. Its founder and CEO, Raul Gutierrez, has always been interested in software and producing things, but his career followed quite a winding road before his recent success in making imaginative, educational apps for children.
Pedro Espinoza, founder & CEO of SmileyGo

WHAT'S NEXT: Pedro Espinoza's SmileyGo Blends 'Smarter' Business With Charity

Peruvian born wunderkind Pedro Espinoza was raised an entrepreneur from the start. But he also had a life-changing experience working with a charity in his youth, and wanted more of that feeling. With SmileyGo, a data-driven startup founded by Espinoza last year, he plans to bring both worlds together, streamlining the connections between big businesses and nonprofits.
SweetBio Kayla and Isaac Rodriguez

WHAT'S NEXT...Biotech Startup SweetBio's Kayla & Isaac Rodriguez Bring Innovation, Honey, to Dental Surgery

"Like many people, I do not like going to the dentist," said Kayla Rodriguez. "No offence to dentists," she continued, "but I've had 17 teeth pulled and had braces twice, so I don't want to spend any more time in that chair than I have to." Kayla's career is inspired by that sentiment, even though she works with dentists all the time.
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