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Cannes Film Festival 2015 Day 3: 'The Irrational Man' Premieres; 'Son of Saul' is Early Palme D'Or Frontrunner

The Cannes Film Festival continued on the third day with two competition premieres and a number of new acquisitions.

Oscars 2016: Which Rumored Cannes Film Festival Selections Will Be Oscar Contenders?

With the Cannes Film Festival announcing its lineup in three weeks, a number of films have already started to be rumored for world premieres.

Comedic Great Sid Caesar Dead at 91

Native New Yorker Sid Caesar, one of the "Golden Age of Television's" most successful comedians, passed away Wednesday.

Woody Allen Scandal Update: Barbara Walters’ Controversial Statement on The View Shocks Many [Watch Video Here]

Barbara Walters calls Woody Allen a "loving and caring father" in her controversial statement on "The View."
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Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, and Cate Blanchett Respond to Graphic Dylan Farrow's Graphic Letter

Woody Allen's sexual abuse scandal dates back to 1993, when his split from girlfriend Mia Farrow was hyped by accusations that he abused Dylan Farrow, their adoptive daughter. On Saturday, Dylan wrote about the alleged molestation for the first time. Now, Dylan's family and those close to Allen are responding.
Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Shows Some Skin in 'Fading Gigolo'

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian bombshell, plays the role of Sharon Stone’s girlfriend in the film "Finding Gigolo," and is said to strip down to mere lingerie for steamy scenes that she shares with the 55-year-old veteran actress and actor John Turturro.

Sofia Vergara 'Fading Gigolo' Scene: Threesome with Sharon Stone in Upcoming Film [SNEAK PEEK]

Sofia Vergara will be participating in a threesome with Sharon Stone in the upcoming film, Fading Gigolo.
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Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone Share Steamy Threesome In 'Fading Gigolo' [VIDEO]

Watch out Hollywood, this is steamy even by your standards. Two of Tinseltown's premier sex symbols, Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, are teaming up as a couple of bisexual lovers looking for a menage a trois in their latest movie, "Fading Gigolo."
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