Xbox One vs. PS4 Games, Sales & Comparison: Tomb Raider Dominates On PS4; Is Sony Pulling Away in Console War?

Microsoft tried to establish its Xbox One as a global platform when it initially launched the console in more countries than rival Sony's Playstation 4 back in November. Now in February, the move looks more and more like a desperate attempt.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Sony Downplays Huge Sales Lead Over Microsoft

Shortly after Microsoft announced to the world that more than 3 million Xbox One game consoles had been sold, Sony one-upped its rival by announcing that 4.2 million Playstation 4 consoles have been sold.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Both Consoles Closing In On 3 Million Units Sold?

Sony representatives said in November that they expected to see 3 million PS4 units sold by years end

Xbox one vs. PS4 Games, Features, News: Cross-Platform Gaming Introduced; Will Microsoft Have to Drop Xbox One Price?

Gamers are learning more and more about the new game consoles released by Microsoft and Sony

Xbox One On Track to Sell Better Than PlayStation 4?

After a slow start, the Xbox One seems to have caught up to its arch-rival, the Playstation 4.
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