KlowdTV OTT Streaming Internet TV startup, now with Spanish-language channels

Startup KlowdTV Wades Into Crowded Latino Internet TV Market

While DirecTV and DISH have both leveraged their established pay-TV businesses to launch OTT (over-the-top) Internet streaming TV aimed at Latino audiences earlier this year, one year-old startup KlowdTV has decided to enter the fray by adding an assortment of 29 Spanish-language channels to its micro-bundle Internet TV selection.
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Latinos That Stream Their Entertainment Do it a Lot, and it's Changing the Marketplace for Everyone

The latest study shows Latinos still dominate the over-the-top (OTT) Internet streaming entertainment market, and adds new insights about the differences (and similarities) between Spanish-dominant and English-speaking or bilingual households.
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TuYo, a New Internet Subscription Service by Latinos, for Millennial Latinos, to Launch in July

It's still the early days of over the top television (OTT or Internet TV), which means the field is still wide open for innovation and less-established players can make a splash. One of those new players is TuYo, billed as the first Internet TV service for Latino millennials, built and owned by Latinos, which is set to launch in the coming weeks.
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Dish's Sling TV Partners with Univision, As Battle Over Online Latino Viewers Begins

The battle for the cord-cutting, Internet savvy Latino viewer is heating up, as DISH network's Sling TV announced this week it would be adding Univision Spanish-language content to its live and on-demand Internet TV lineup.
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Tap That App: Yaveo, The First of Many Internet TV Subscription Services (Hands On Review)

In which we go hands-on with Yaveo, DirecTV's first Spanish-language Internet TV subscription service.
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The First Ever Internet-only Streaming Service in the U.S. is Yaveo, DirecTV's Latino Entertainment Offering

Yaveo, a streaming entertainment TV subscription for Spanish-language programming over the Internet, puts Latinos at the center of media history: It's the first of its kind Internet-only TV subscription to launch in the U.S.
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