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Hispanic College Attendance Rate Surpasses Whites, Hits Record High

For the first time, the percentage of Hispanic high school graduates who go on to attend college is higher than that of their white counterparts.

Record Number of Latino Voters in 2012 Election, But Even More Who Didn't Vote Says Pew Study

More Hispanics voted in last year’s presidential election than ever before, Hispanic voter turnout actually dropped, according to a new analysis of Latino voters in the 2012 election by the Pew Research Hispanic Center.

Southern California's Powerhouse Fire Continues To Burn, Firefighters Optimistic

The fire sprung up on residents in a hurry, leaving little time for preparations before the area was evacuated.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Recall Petition Fails, Falls Short of Required Signatures

The effort to recall controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio has failed, falling short of the required 335,000 signatures.
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U.S. Officials Shot at Venezuela Strip Club May Have Fired at Each Other

New reports about the shooting of two American embassy workers at a strip club in Venezuela earlier this week say the men actually shot each other during a fight they started inside the establishment.
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All-Male Fox News Panel Lashes Out at Women as Breadwinners Before Being Shut Down By Female Anchors

After a Pew Research poll showed women make more money than men in 40 percent of American families, an all-male quintet of Fox News pundits engaged in on-air apoplectics over the results, lamenting the end of the American family.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev Claims Innocence, 'What Is This? What's Happening?' Says Boston Bombing Suspect

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spoke to his mother recently, and she reports that he is beside himself with confusion over the Boston Marathon bombings.

Yanira Maldonado, Arizona Housewife, Freed From Mexican Prison [Video]

The mother of seven from Arizona has finally been reunited with her family after nine days in jail.

Houston Gang Members Set Fire To, Kill Man In Random Act Of Violence

The killing was part of a gang initiation and the victim was believed to be a random target.

Yanira Maldonado Update: Mother of 7 Accused of Smuggling Drugs From Mexico Gives Interview From Prison

The Arizona mother of seven is pleading for her freedom after being arrested on drug smuggling charges in Mexico.

12-Year-Old Denies Charge in Leila Fowler Murder Case, Brother Pleads Innocent

Leila Fowler' brother is now headed to court to defend himself against charges that he stabbed his sister to death.

Ted Cruz Fundraising Speech Garners Applause and Protests in New York City

Texas senator and anti-immigration stalwart Ted Cruz rallied conservative New Yorkers at a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser Wednesday night. The Cuban-American lawmaker is one of the most outspoken opponents of the bipartisan immigration reform bill currently under debate in the Senate.

Michele Bachmann, Tea Party Firebrand, Won't Seek Reelection Amid Ethics Investigation [VIDEO]

Republican House representative and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has declared she won’t seek reelection in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District when her current term is up in 2014.
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Obama Universal Preschool Plan Helps Half a Million Hispanic Children

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 31.9 percent of Hispanics were attending college in 2010, a mighty leap upward from the 23.5 percent enrolled in 2003. But despite higher college enrollment, degree completion remains a problem, and Hispanics lag behind other minority groups in America by many educational metrics. A big source of the problem, some argue, is Early Childhood Education (ECE), or a lack thereof.

Chelsea Clinton Projects Could Hint at Political Future: Is a Clinton Dynasty in the Works?

Chelsea Clinton has spent her entire life in the public eye, but recent projects undertaken by the former first daughter hint at future political aspirations.

American Officials Shot in Venezuela During Altercation Outside Caracas Nightclub

Two American officials at the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela were shot in an altercation outside a local nightclub early Tuesday morning.

Yanira Maldonado Drug Smuggling Charges False, Says Family of Arizona Housewife Imprisoned in Mexico

The family of the mother of seven proclaims her innocence, stating that she has never been involved with drugs and was framed.

Trump 2016 Presidential Run: 'The Donald' Spends $1 Million On Campaign Research

Donald Trump has flirted with the idea of getting into politics for some time, and now it appears he is taking a much more active approach to those aspirations.

Teacher Under Fire After Reminding Students Of Fifth Amendment Rights

The teacher has been urging parents to focus their attention on the bigger issues at hand.
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Gang of Eight Keeps Immigration Reform Bill Intact as It Leaves Judiciary Committee

The bipartisan immigration reform bill has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be taken up by the full Senate sometime this summer. Due to the diligence, and some would say stubbornness, of the Gang of Eight, the bill remains in more of less the same form as when it entered committee.
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