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Recent Poll Shows More Americans On Board With Keystone XL Pipeline Project

During the last few years, environmentalists, activists and some landowners have protested the Keystone XL pipeline extension from Alberta, Canada's oil sands to Port Arthur, Texas because of fear that it could it cause environmental degradation to the farmlands in the Midwest.

Crimea Votes for Secession, Russia Backs Decision

Crimea has voted to secede from Ukraine, but while Russia backs this decision, the US and EU are strongly opposed to it.

Facebook Hires $200K Police Officer for Headquarters in Menlo Park

The cop patrols the Facebook community
Khloe made a recent joke that she and OJ Simpson had an intimate relationship once

Khloe Kardashian Admits to Being Intimate with OJ Simpson

Khloe Kardashians shocked some people with her statements during Wednesday night's episode of Chelsea Lately commenting that she's been intimate with OJ Simpson.
RT anchor Liz Wahl resigns on air

RT Anchor Resigns On Air as Propaganda War Over Russia, Ukraine Continues

While the crisis in Ukraine hasn't resulted in on-the-ground war so far, a propaganda war has been raging between Russia and Ukraine. On Wednesday, RT anchor Liz Wahl's job became a casualty of that bloodless conflict, as she announced live, on-air that she could no longer be a part of the Russian state-funded news organization.
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Obamacare's Latino Problem? Bad Marketing, Says Hispanic Marketing Firm in California

Latinos aren't signing up for the Affordable Care Act's healthcare marketplaces in droves, as President Obama's administration expected. Now a Hispanic market research firm in California says it has the reason why: the marketing was all wrong.

Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill Follows a Trend of Intolerance Set By Anti-Immigration Bill

The passing and subsequent vetoing of Senate Bill 1062, which would have legalized discrimination towards gays, shows Arizona's resistance to a nation becoming increasingly intolerant towards intolerance.
Steve Gallardo

Arizona State Senator Comes Out

State Sen. Steve Gallardo (D-Phoenix) openly disclosed that he was gay, just a week after the veto of Senate Bill 1062, a bill that would have disabled LGBT rights in Arizona if it had been signed into law. Still feeling the after-burn of the proposed bill, which gained protests from civil-rights backers, business leaders, and clergymen, Gallardo decided to publicly voice his sexual orientation.

Marijuana Decriminalized in Nation's Capitol, Joins 16 Other States

Possession infractions will be fined $25

National Dentist Day, Immigration and Healthcare

The self-proclaimed "Champion in Chief," President Obama, pledged to legal immigrants that they should not be discouraged to sign up, and enrollment would not put their undocumented family members at risk. That said in spite of the Obama administration's stunning deportation record.

In Ukraine Crisis, Looming Threats of a Larger Cyberwar

Cyber attacks between Russia and Ukraine have already occurred, but have reportedly been limited in scope. However, with the propaganda war ramping up and tensions increasing, a threat of a large-scale cyber war looms over the region, just as the threat of a ground war continues.
John Kerry

What Did John Kerry Say When He Visited Kiev?

Secretary of State John Kerry has visited the embattled scene of the latest massacres in the Ukraine, where he pledged U.S. support and urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to take a path of as little aggression as possible or risk facing the ire of the United States military machine.

White House Gives $15 Million to Europa MIssion: Could NASA Find Aliens on Jupiter Moon by 2025? [PICS]

On Tuesday, NASA announced its ambitions to go to Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter, by 2025.
Apple Store

Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) Impact on Arizona if SB 1062 Discrimination Law Passed

It has been a week since Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a state legislation that would've allowed companies to discriminate gays and lesbians on religious basis, and Apple Inc. could have played a play is swaying her decision.

Now & Then: One Year After Hugo Chavez's Death There's a "Feeling of Stagnation and Decay" in Some Areas

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the death of the late socialist leader and political trailblazer Hugo Chavez, who died of cancer at age 58. In the aftermath of Chavez's reign and amid this tumultuous time of political unrest in Venezuela, many are reflecting on the past, praying for peace and economic stability and mourning the loss of 18 anti-government protesters. This has left the country in a deflated state of bewilderment, sadness and anxiousness as to what the next chapter will bring.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Pornographic Content Accidentally Uploaded on Ohio Government Website

Humans make mistakes, and so as the government? A video file entitled "Sexy Babe" containing pornography somehow ended up on a U.S. state department's website.

Idaho Professor Writes Satrirical Op Ed, "When May I Shoot a Student?"

In response to a controversial state bill that will allow students to legally carry firearms on campus, a Boise State University professor has written a clever opinion piece satirizing the decision.

SB 1070 and SB 1062 Opposition

SB1070 is a legislative act in Arizona, which at the time of passage was the broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure in recent U.S. history. The senate bill has prompted immigration-status checks, and it has received national and international attention and prompted considerable controversy.
venezuela protests

Venezuela's Feb. 27 Protests and the Future of the Opposition

What happened this week in Venezuela and plans for the future.
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