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The DREAMers Push for Immigration Reform

These are the current reports, and perhaps final thoughts on immigration reform, and about the way forward.
California Drought

California Governor Inks $687 Million Legislation for Drought Relief

As growing concerns in California mount regarding drought issues that have largely affected the state's agriculture and farming industry, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a $687 million drought-relief Saturday, according to the "Los Angeles Times."
Supreme Court

Mentally Disabled Man May Be Executed in Florida

The Supreme Court is scheduled to review the case of Freddy Lee Hall, a mentally disabled man on Death Row in Florida.

Ukraine Prepares Troops After Russia's 'Declaration Of War'

The Ukrainian military prepares for further Russian aggression.

11-Year-Old Washington Girl Kills Cougar With Rifle

An 11-year-old girl from Twisp, Washington shot and killed a cougar that was stalking her older brother.

Uighur Gang Stabbing Kills 20, Injures Over 100 in China

Attack in train station leaves more than 20 dead and over 100 injured.
bruce dickinson

Hyrbid Air Vehicles Launches 38 Ton Hybrid Airplane That Could Help In Natural Disasters

The Airlander, a hybrid between an airplane, airship and helicopter, is the world's largest aircraft and was launched for the first time Friday.
Porter & Sons Funeral Home

Mississippi Man Declared Dead Comes Back To Life

A Holmes County, Miss. coroner and funeral director experienced a bizarre turn of events when 78-year-old Walter Williams, who was pronounced dead Wednesday evening, began to breath and kick his legs in the body bag early Thursday morning.
Seth Rogen's Gives Speech on Alzheimer's Disease

Seth Rogen Tesitifies for Alzheimers At Senate, Blasts Senators for Leaving Speech Early [WATCH]

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen gave an interview with CNN where he called out senators who chose not to attend his speech on Alzheimer's disease.
Police Arrest Man in Bronx

Bronx Police Arrest and Kick Man for No Apprent Reason [VIDEO]

An online petition has been posted on calling for an investigation of NYPD officers who held and arrested a man for no apparent reason.

Ukrainian Prime Minister and Barack Obama Against Vladimir Putin Invasion

Russian Parliament approves troop deployments to the Ukraine while the Crimea succumbs to Russian invasion.

Mudslides, Flash Flooding, Tornado Warning Follows Rain In So. California

Southern California received a much-needed rainstorm Friday as the state faces serious drought concerns.
Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly Reaction Says Jay-Z, Kanye West Are Making Obama's Initiative Fail

Fox News primetime personality Bill O’Reilly, in a surprising vote of confidence, commended the President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative but gave some suggestions for the president and his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett during the O’Reilly Factor broadcast Thursday night.
President Bill Clinton

Presidential Records Act to Release Thousands of Bill Clinton's White House Documents

During the next few weeks the Clinton Presidential Library will release thousands of previously withheld presidential documents from former President Bill Clinton’s administration beginning Friday afternoon.

Farmington, CT School Employee Filmed Having Sex With Cow and Jell-O [VIDEO]

On Sunday, New York police arrested two men for recording an attempt to have sexual intercourse with a cow. One of the men charged worked for the Farmington, Connecticut school district.

Kim Jon Un Sends A Message to South Korea and the United States with Missile Launch

As a likely protest to the recent U.S.-South Korean military drills, North Korea has launched four short-range missiles off the eastern coast.

Ukraine's Yanukovych Speaks in Russia, Says He is Still President

President Yanukovych gave a press conference in Russia's Rostov-on-Don Friday, maintaing his role as leader of the Ukrainian government.
Edward Snowden Mural.jpg

NSA and GCHQ Spy Agencies Stole Images from Citizen's Webcams

Imagine if out of control government agencies were able to go against their countries constitutions and access your personal computer files?
Same-sex marriages will now be recognized in the state of Kentucky with partners provided the same benefits as any other married couple

Same-Sex Marriage in Kentucky Now Legal

Kentucky has been directed by a federal judge to recognize same-sex marriages performed out-of-state. This final order effectively throws out part of the state's ban on gay marriages.

President Obama Announces "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative in a Personal Way

While his presidency has often been described as post-racial, events have sometimes occurred that forced President Barack Obama to speak directly on race, with varying degrees of elegance and success. On Thursday, however, Obama purposefully announced an intensely personal initiative he called "My Brother's Keeper."
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