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El Chapo is Adored in His Home State

Hordes of Sinaloa citizens took to the streets in different municipalities, clad in white; arriving at a temple known as La Lomita in Culiacan to demand that billionaire Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman be released from prison. reported

Republicans Won't Touch Immigration Reform

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) recently publicized that Republicans were not likely to touch immigration reform this year, despite bipartisan promises made and mounting outrage from Immigration Reform protesters.
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Gives Congress an Emotional Speech on Alzheimer's

On Wednesday, Seth Rogen gave an emotional address about Alzheimer's disease at Capital Hill, where he soon found himself very disappointed at the empty hearing due to U.S. senator's poor attendance.
Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer

Senate Bill 1062 Could've Caused Super Bowl XLIX Relocation

Super Bowl XLIX is meant to kick off in 339 days during February 2015, at the University Of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. But, the state of Arizona could have fumbled, and foiled those plans. A controversial and conservative bill could have resulted in the Super Bowl being moved from the state for the second time in recent history.

Jimmy Carter Plans on Visiting Venezuela Amid Protests

Venezuela's unrest is heating up and everyone thinks they have a solution to stop the madness.
Jack Burkman

Washington Republican Lobbyist Jack Burkman Proposing Legislation to Ban Gay Players from NFL

Horrified at the prospect of gay players being allowed to be drafted into the NFL, a Washington lobbyist has introduced a bill that, if passed, would ban gay players from the NFL.
Emma Coronel

Mrs. 'El Chapo:' Who Is Emma Coronel, the Beauty Queen Wife of Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin Guzman?

When you are considered "the biggest drug lord of all time" and make Forbes' top billionaires list, you pretty much always get what you want through power and corruption -- even when it comes to matters of the heart.

Slavery's Effect on Latin Music and Latin People

Afro Latino music claims the voice of African and Latin people, and bellows heritage and pride. It is music that details pain, regret and difficulty. It communicates soulfulness and resiliency, broadcasting the strength of its collective people.

New Book Exposes Latinos Long Involved History with America

Fernández-Armesto drafted the book with the intention of filling in gaps, integrating Latin history and American History, and providing a prospective that would "go beyond the traditional, from east to west, sea-to-shining-sea narrative."
Ugandan Anti Gay Tabloid

Uganda Tabloid Publishes List of Homosexuals After Government Passes Harsh Anti-Gay Laws

A Ugandan newspaper has published a list outing several suspected homosexuals. This comes just a day after their President signed a harsh anti-gay bill into law.

Billionaire Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo and His 13-Year Life on the Lam

Guzman was arrested on Saturday, February 22, 2014, without gunfire being exchanged –despite having a military-style assault rifle on his person. Guzman did not speak, and looked subdued as he made his first public appearance in years, then quickly vanished into the cargo bay of a helicopter waiting to take him to prison.

Is Tim Draper's 'Six Californias' Plan a Cash Grab for Silicon Valley and the Rest of the State's Wealthy? [VIDEO]

He claims that splitting the state into regions would help everybody get what they want
Protests Continue in Venezuela

Protesters Describe Ongoing Violence, Death of Bassil Da Costa

Hearing from students and other protesters has been hard, as Venezuelan media outlets refuse to broadcast what is happening on the streets of their country.

Bangkok Explosions Kill Two As Bloodshed Continues

A boy and woman were among those killed in a blast near a shopping center.

Pope Francis Elevates 19 Bishops To Cardinal Status

Pope Francis elevates 19 bishops from all over the world to the rank of cardinal and emphasizes the church's role in the world.

Barack Obama Meets With Dalai Lama Despite Tensions With China

President Barack Obama met with His Holiness Tenzin Gyatsu, the 15th Dalai Lama, yesterday, and in so doing, drew the ire of China, who already has a tenuous peace in place with the United States.
Protest in Barcelona, Spain

Venezuela Protests Go Global: Hundreds Gather In Florida To Support Home Country

A Venezuelan-American protestor tells Latin Post about protests in the United States and shares photos from an event in Florida

Families Reunited in Korean Peninsula After Spending Decades Apart; How Long Were They Together?

North and South Korean families were reunited after decades apart amidst growing tensions between the world and North Korea.

NYPD Embroiled In Controversy Following Untranslated Crime Report; Why?

Deisy Garcia, 21, and her daughters were murdered by her husband even though she filed domestic abuse reports with the NYPD.
Apple patent touchscreen

White House Confronts 'Patent Trolls' and Improves Inventors and Innovators' Innovation Efforts with USPTO

The White House are hoping to major progress with new initiatives aimed to combat patent trolls while enhancing and protecting American inventors and innovations.
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