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duval co courthouse

Jury Continues Deliberations in Jordan Davis Trial as Michael Dunn Awaits Fate

The jury continues to deliberate whether Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis in self-defense or not.

John Kerry Meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping to Discuss Kim Jong Un

The heads of state discuss East Asian security issues

Is President Obama Having an Affair with Beyonce? One French News Source Says Yes

A French newsman is making claims that are equal parts outrageous and scandalous, and have a hint of "it just might be true" -- our President, Barack Obama, is having an affair with none other than Mrs. Carter, Beyoncé!
Republican National Committe

Hispanics Not Conservative Enough to be Down with GOP?

Ronald Reagan once famously proclaimed that Latinos "are Republicans, they just don't know it yet." Well, Ann Coulter - disagrees with that statement, having once stated that it's a waste of time for the GOP to woo Latino voters because they are "lazy, not religious, dependent on government, socially progressive, and poor."

What Will President Obama's Cut to Food Stamps Mean For You?

President Obama has signed a Farm Bill into law that gives a lot of hope to the embattled agricultural industry of the United States...but in so doing, the measure has cut food stamps given to many people, including low-income New Yorkers, who saw their food budget cut as high as $90 per month.

Creative Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Attention lovebirds: Valentine's Day is a mere four days away. Some say that Valentine's Day is not a real holiday, but no one can deny the feeling that comes from a thoughtful gift from your boyfriend or husband. What goes around comes around, so if you want to turn the 14th into a nice, romantic day, you have to bring something to the table too. Here are some last minute Valentine's Day gifts for him, so you can get to opening your own gift.

Clever Bait-and-Switch Tactic Pads GOP Coffers with Funds Intended for Democrats

Fancy yourself a Democrat?

How Marijuana's Fight for Legalization Closely Parallels the Prohibition of Alcohol in the Early 20th Century

Marijuana's fight for legalization mirrors alcohol's prohibition movement, begainning at the state-level

US Loosens Immigration Rules for Asylum Seekers

Following the president's remarks on immigration reform during the State of the Union, the federal government has enacted some changes to its immigration rules as they apply to asylum seekers. This comes as a result of the increased numbers of Syrian refugees asking for asylum, as well as the government's new stance on those who provided "limited material support" to terrorist organizations and rebel groups.

Gay Marriage: Legal Same-Sex Recognition Expanded at Federal Level

Same sex married couples become eligible for various federal benefits.

Piers Morgan & Janet Mock: 'Redefining Realness' Author Makes Second Appearance On Show

Twitter feud over biological sex and gender identity

GOP Stalls On Immigration Reform

House Republicans hinder immigration reform until after 2014.
2014 Sochi Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Gay Activists Arrested; What Happens Next?

Russia has remained firm in its enforcement of highly controversial antigay laws.
NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Surveillance, data collection

Obama's NSA Limitations Approved, But NSA Collection Already Lower Than Expected

Just as a court has approved of two of President Obama's reforms to limit the use of phone records by the National Security Agency, a report has come out showing that the NSA's phone record collection has actually already been somewhat limited - simply due to being overwhelmed by information.

Bomb Threat Forces Plane Headed to Sochi to Land in Istanbul Instead

The man who tried to hijack the plane was reportedly severely drunk
2014 Sochi Olympics

Here's How to Live Stream the Sochi Winter Olympic Games Online Via Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC

The Sochi 2014 Olympics started yesterday. Of course, the best way to enjoy the Winter Games is on a big screen television sitting on a comfy couch, but unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to do so. Even if you are on the go or without cable during the Olympics, you can still enjoy the games from a PC, Mac, Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Kylie Jenner Hanging Out with Lil Za

Kylie Jenner Seen with Lil Za at Justin Beiber's House of Drugs

Kylie Jenner has been seen spending time with Xavier Smith aka Lil Za who is known for his arrest at the home of Justin Beiber for possession of illegal substances.

Jeopardy Genuis Arthur Chu Got Daily Double Questions Strategy Online

Jeopardy! contestant Arthur Chu has received criticism from the shows' fans for his controversial game-winning strategy. The contestant, however, says he is just a clever Google navigator trying to support his family.
subway petition

Subway Removes Synthetic Leather Chemical From Bread But Doesn't Give Credit to Food Babe Petition

Sandwich restaurant chain Subway is removing a special ingredient from its bread that can also be found in synthetic leather, shoes rubber and yoga mats.
Elizabeth Hurley's quick selfie

Did Bill Clinton and Liz Hurley Have an Affair? Do They Look Good Together? [Poll]

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has been linked to Former President Bill Clinton by her alleged former beau, Actor Tom Sizemore.
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