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ABC 'Dancing With the Stars' 2014 Cast and Partners: DWTS Rumors Say The Switch Up Isn't Really Controlled By Viewers' Votes

First Posted: Apr 07, 2014 10:41 AM EDT

Dancing with the Stars will see some changes this week, but is the Switch Up really as the show describes?

Recently, Kristyn Burtt, who is an entertainment writer and host of AfterBuzz TV's Dancing with the Stars segment, suggested that the Switch Up may not be what it seems. Fans have been told that their votes decide which celebrity will dance with which professional dancer. Burtt, however, seems to think this is not the case.

"I wish I knew. One celeb knew who they had and then was switched....so...um...weird," Burtt said via Twitter when asked how this week's pairs were made.

When asked if season 18 has been Dancing with the Stars' "most manipulated season ever," or if there has just been more information leaking out than normal, Burtt suggested it is "a little bit of both." She cites "sources tied to the show."

"RE: #DWTS Switch. I was not given permission to release names, but the voting was all for naught. Surprise pairings," Burtt said Tuesday.

If Burtt is correct, then fans voting for their ideal teams via Twitter was "unnecessary."

Still, the ABC dancing show could have some interesting things in store. Pure DWTS reports that one of the most odd Switch Ups is NeNe Leakes and Derek Hough, who have a big height difference.

"The couples that are doing well are Derek/Nene, Tony/Candace, Charlie/Peta and Drew/Witney," the website claims. "The couples that are struggling are Meryl/Val, Danica/Maks, Cody/Sharna and Amy/Mark. James/Cheryl are apparently neither good nor bad. "

According to Dancing With the Stars, Julianne Hough will guest host this season. The 25-year-old is scheduled to appear tonight, on the first episode with the switched up couples.

Tonight's dramatic episode could reveal just how accurate the Dancing with the Stars grapevine really is.


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