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Dianey Santos, Mom of Two Girls, Shot Dead at Bus Stop in June; Now, LA Police Announce $50,000 Reward

First Posted: Sep 22, 2016 07:49 AM EDT
Go Fund Me Page Launched for Dianey Santos, mother of two girls

Go Fund Me Page Launched for Dianey Santos, mother of two girls(Photo : Go Fund Me)

Los Angeles Police officials are offering a $50,000 reward for information regarding the case where a mother of two was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a June, 2016 altercation between two men at a bus stop on the corner of South Broadway and West 83rd Street.

Dianey Santos may have been shot by a man in his 20s and the other man involved in the altercation has not cooperated with the police. The suspect at large had intentions to shoot him, but hit Santos by accident.

Police say the two men were fighting near the bus stop when one took out a gun. When the intended victim tried to protect himself, he grabbed the gun and as they both fought to gain hold of the weapon, a stray bullet hit Santos in the head while she was waiting for the bus.

The woman left behind two daughters, ages 15 and 9, who are now being taken care of by their godmother since their fathers are absent from their lives.

Dianey Santos Post on Twitter by LAPD - September 2016
(Photo : LAPD / Twitter Screenshot)
#LAPD: Help solve the Murder of Dianey Santos. She was killed on June 17 near 83rd & Broadway. Call 323-786-5113.

Funeral Arrangements

The victim’s 15-year-old daughter Emily Santos set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral arrangements with a goal of $5,000. In the past three months, the girl has raised almost $3,000 with the help of 59 donators.

Because most of their close family members are in Mexico, the family has little to no support in America. The children were notified a day after the shooting occurred at the bus stop, and Santos died after being in critical condition for five days.

“The bullet hit her brain and left all her nerves in the brain completely dead yet her heart was still beating,” Emily Santos, recalling the night she received the bad news about her mother at the hospital.

$50K Reward for Bus Stop Shooter

Emily talked about her mother’s ill fate at the press conference that announced the reward for any clues regarding the shooting.

“My mom was my everything, never left me alone,” she said. “Violence is taking the lives of innocent people, her death hurts me.”

This year, authorities have investigated 74 murders in the same location of the shooting that took Santos’ life. Peter Whittinghan, captain of the LAPD homicide division and with LAPD gang crimes, believe gang members are out of control.

“There’s nothing wrong with waiting for the bus,” he said. “The gang members think they can do what they want because we have the support of the community to denounce them.”

Witnesses can call LAPD at 323-786-5113 to give tips about the case.

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