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Spain’s Royal Tapestry Factory to Deliver Largest-Volume Order in 200 Years

First Posted: Oct 17, 2016 12:37 AM EDT
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The Royal Tapestry Factory is a manufacturing plant located in Madrid, Spain, which was founded in 1720. It has supplied the courts with tapestries since then and still produces tapestries and carpets now. And, it looks like the factory is to deliver its largest volume in 200 years.

A team of professional weavers is giving shape to this factory. The works of Goya are clearly visible as he's been commissioned to paint tapestries since his 20's to  furnish El Escorial and El Pardo, two of the palaces in the Madrid region.

The same handicraft techniques that were used three centuries ago are used in the tapestries, woven carpets and majestic heraldic banners. "It's proof of our good work," said Alejandro Klecker as reported in efe. Dresden Palace in eastern Germany has ordered 32 tapestries worth 1.2million euros.

This will double the original income estimate for 2016. There will also be an increase in the number of weaver in January. The factory came close to an end in 2008 due to lack of orders but manage to stay open. Now with increased interest in tapestries and the order from Germany, the factory's fortune have turned around.

Reports from Reuters, states that a cash injection of Government funding totalling 1.5 million euros allowed the factory to remain open. This way the cash enabled the factory to make delayed salary payments to its staff, and restored the factory. Alongside, international sales and a reduction in debt helped the business further.

There are a lot of new clients that are making orders such as  the magnificent Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, and the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of Sigüenza, in the province of Guadalajara, northeast of Madrid. Apart from orders, the factory's collection will be displayed in the upcoming exhibition " Modern Thread" in Badajoz, southwestern Spain.

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