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Virgin America First Class Shoe Features Screen, Wi-Fi and More

First Posted: Oct 17, 2016 05:30 AM EDT
Virgin America IPO Takes Off
Virgin America First Class Shoe

Photo : Eleven Inc

Just this week, the Virgin America First Class Shoe was launched, and it has taken the sneaker world by storm. Sneaker fans are going crazy, as these are the most exclusive shoes in the world, with only one pair in existence, available on eBay for a charity auction.

The shoes will be shipped to the highest bidder (only available in the USA) in an LED-lit Plexiglas case, and does not list any shoe size. Being a collector's item of "historic aviation memorabilia", as per the auction description, the shoes are intended not to be used, but to be displayed and seen.

The sneakers themselves seem bulky and unfit for walking down the street, with its all-white exterior. However, these are not just a pair of exclusive designer shoes, these shoes are also equipped with some of the latest technology in footwear. 

"The shoes attempt to replicate the feel of flying first class on a Virgin America plane," says CNET, "the high-tech kicks are made from Italian white leather with a stainless steel seat buckle around the ankle. A rechargeable battery powers built-in mood lighting, a USB phone charger, a video display and a Wi-Fi-enabled hotspot (data plan not included)."

According to Mashable, the high-tech shoes are the product of Virgin America, whose aim is to bring the experience of flying first class with Virgin America to the wearer of these sneakers. Working with them in the creation of the product are co-collaborators Eleven, and SearchnDesign, both marketing agencies.

Currently, the shoes have been bid for at $4.950, with 7 days left on the auction countdown. All proceeds of the auction go to Soles4Souls, a charity whose mission is to collect and distribute regular pairs of shoes and other clothes to the less fortunate. 

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