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Google Pixel, killer features could get Apple fans to ditch the iPhone

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 08:22 AM EDT
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By the 'Made by Google' event, it is cleared that GOOGLE's Pixel phone is set to be unveiled before the end of the month. The phone provides the users some unique features like an updated Chrome cast with support for Ultra HD 4K, Google Home, Google Wi-Fi and new operating systems called Andromeda.

The unveiled models, the pixels, and the larger pixel, built in 1080 Full HD AMOLED display with super touch Gorilla Glass. The phone is in build fast processor, the option of very quick charging battery, rear-mounted fingerprint, and a unique premium metal finish.

GOOGLE has creative plans for its first ever pixel device and is hoping one killer feature that can influence the Apple iPhone fans to change their decisions, reported by Express.

There will be a unique adapter of the packaging of the phone which allows data transfer systems from iPhone to Google Pixel smartphone. Apps aren't part of the process and users have to download and pay again for anything purchased on the Apple App store.

At the time of switch on the phone, the Apple users will get an option to switch their emails, photos, contacts and even I-Messages to the pixel. A cable is the used to instantly swap the content. Google is hoping this new feature will convince more to swap their operating system, reported by Hot News. attended the Made by Google hardware event and their first impression of the Google Pixel is solidly built and feels good in the hand.

Google Pixel also provides user one-tap access to a Google engineer from the setting app, as well as unlimited photo and video backup.

Google is selling its new phone from $599 at the similar price in iPhone for those tech fans who want a premium phone in their hand.

There is a big stumbling block with the Google Pixel on the price. Remember this is being marketed as the Google first phone. The UK search firm has matched the UK pricing of the phone.

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