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Apple iMac showdown with Microsoft Surface AIO - A touch-centric tabletop PC

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 09:17 PM EDT
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The new Apple iMac is expected to hit the market this October 2016, with reports saying that it might feature Intel's Kaby Lake chipset, Virtual Reality Support, and Thunderbolt 3.

According to iTech Post, "the Kaby Lake processor will grant the iMac 2016 support for USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and Thunderbolt 3. There has also been reports about the iMac 2016 also featuring AMD's Zen processor along with Polaris 10 graphics card. With that, The AMD chipset will provide the Apple device with amazing processing power with its eight cores and 16 threads. The Polaris card will also enable an exceptional GPU performance"

Despite its amazing new specs, Apple will face tough competition with the launch of the Surface AIO, a desktop computer that aims to be an all-inclusive package to rival Apple's iMac desktop sets.

Beginning with the Surface Pro tablets and Surface Book laptops, Microsoft has been bent on dominating the tech hardware world as well, despite the decrease in overall PC sales in the US witnessed earlier this year. The Surface AIO is expected to revive PC sales, and to be the desktop version of the widely popular Surface Pro and Surface Book. 

According to PC World, even if most specs for the Surface AIO have not been released yet, popular sources such as DigiTimes and Windows Central say that the release of Intel's newest processor, the 14-nanometer Kaby Lake, could be the prelude to the launch of the Surface AIO. They expect it to have the Kaby Lake as one of its hardware processors, so once the processor is launched, it will only be a matter of time until the desktop computer is released too.

In addition to that, they add that despite not knowing exactly how the Surface AIO could possibly look like, Thurrott's Brad Sams reveals that Microsoft had filed a patent application last year for some conceptual drawings of their "all-in-one-PC"

Lastly, sources say that the Surface AIO could be the beginning of a consumer-level version of PixelSense, Microsoft's prototype touch-centric tabletop computer device. This innovation could transform the touchscreen game, and give it even greater ease of access for users worldwide. 

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