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Hamilton called to meet media in Austin: US Grand Prix

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 07:11 AM EDT
Nico Rosberg wins first Formula One world championship

Lewis Hamilton has been called to come out at the drivers' news conference for current weekend's US Grand Prix, surprisingly, this is going to happen after two weeks  of his criticism of Grand Prix s' format.

The promising driver of Mercedes came under scrutiny for his misbehave at the media event in Japan Grand Prix, during which he gave short answers and played on his phone, reported by Grand Prix.

He also told that neither fans nor journalists should ask the questions and Boycotted a post-qualifying briefing of Mercedes. Hamilton trails his team-mate Mercedes partner Nico Rosberg by 33 points with only four races to go.

The 31-year-old got upset by criticism of his misbehave in the pre-Japan journalist conference by some in the media, and subsequent qualifying on Saturday told a group of journalists that he was not here to answer their questions.

Further, he told that he don't believe in sitting there many more times for such kind of happenings. Since then, Hamilton blocked a large number of sports journalists on social media, reported by Mail Online.

However, Hamilton resolved this issue by conducting body the FIA heading into the Austin weekend, as the presence of six-driver Thursday's journalists seminar is compulsory under the regulations of  the game.

Mercedes driver 's promises are also going to be as it is. The media schedule, which is released by the team Mercedes, Lewis is due to fulfill his written media obligations after qualifying and the race.

Lewis finished third in Suzuka as his teammate Nico Rosberg got his ninth win of continuing season. Now, Nico Rosberg can afford to finish second to Lewis at the rest of races and still claim a maiden world title.


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