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'The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5:' The Funeral recap

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 06:50 PM EST
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"The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 Episode 5 was about the heartbreaking death of Tyler Lockwood. Sybil is a psychic and was forcefully taken from her parents; she was then banished from her village and left to die in the isolated island as her punishment. She then met a girl named Seline who had the same power as hers - both treated each other as sisters ever since.

According to Fansided, the two sirens used their mind control powers to lure ships to the island just to survive. In this case, the ships would crash, killing the sailors and give the girls permission to take the food. When Sybil discovered that she was eating the humans, she attempts to kill herself because of the disastrous incident but Cade saved her. 

Damon found an artifact that leads to Matt and his father. When Damon murdered Tyler Lockwood, Matt was the first to know the tragic fate of his friend. In the episode of "Coming Home was A Mistake," Matt and his father have been driving the dead body of Tyler back to Mystic Falls. According to Hollywood Gossip, Stefan really understood that Sybil was the reason behind the dreadful happenings.

Stefan wanted to make his brother responsible for the incident after seeing the consequence over the death of Tyler. Damon stops by at the cemetery to end his last connections to the world and will completely serve Sybil. Stefan then said to his brother that he is not welcome anymore and needed to leave before he could continue to harm others.

When Damon needed to see Sybil because of what Alaric installed after witnessing the effect with his friend and the lost of Tyler. Damon's humanity went back a bit, but he would be very useless to Sybil as he advises him to go see Stefan. Sybil became victorious because Damon ran back to her, ready not to feel anymore.

Stefan, Caroline and Alaric agreed to put down Damon for a while because of his dangerous behaviour. Then, theSalvatore brothers meet up in the high school carnaval, Stefan tries to shoot his brother full of vervain, but Damon quickly catches the bullets and attack. Just in time, Caroline shot Damon a few times and locked Damon in a coffin.

After the gang tries again to say goodbye to Tyler with a few touching memories, Caroline showed some pictures of the twins to Matt and recognizes the nanny. Matt receives a peculiar box that turns out to be from Tyler while packing to Lockwood's house.

Matt told Caroline about the thing he figured out about Seline and recognizes that the nanny in the photo is a siren. When Alaric and Caroline rushes home, Seline and the twins are gone, and left a drawing of a new family.

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