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Season 2 Episode 8 of 'Ash vs Evil Dead' hits 330K views

First Posted: Nov 24, 2016 07:44 PM EST
The Build Series Presents The Cast Of 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'

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Season 2 Episode 8 of "Ash vs Evil Dead" hit 330K views than the previous week and its ready to roll in more hits.

According to MstarsNews, Ashly Slashly needs a one hour-long duration, and it was at the top of last week's episode.

In the last episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash was locked up in Baal's crazy vision, thereby dealt with talking puppets, and met his friend who were rather his fellow inmates. In the world of darkness Baal created, Campbell and Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly) shone through. And, in the end Pablo becomes the necronomicon. There was a cliffhanger that left the episode, if Ash is a defeated man or just his way to outsmart evil.

On Episode 8 "Ashly Slashly", Ash was rescued by Kelly, Pablo and Ruby who arrived at the asylum. Plabo and Kelly have always been good together from Season 1, and they are like the bad ass gun blazing, demons slaying version of Hermione and Ron to Ash's chainsaw.

And, as far as Baal is concerned, in order to do his bidding, he uses Sheriff Emery and Linda by keeping their daughter stowed away. It turns that Lacey is a demon, and the confrontation between her and Kelly is interrupted by the Sheriff. But, the sheriff couldn't kill his own daughter, she does the work for him though by pulling his head clean off. And, that's when Kelly splatter her as reported by Geeks of Doom.

While they were all in search for Ash, he was strolling them as he was busy screwing with Baal. And, that was his plan the final confrontation with Baal. In this episode there are a lot of emotions the fans will go through. One moment it's all laughter as Kelly fought the Ash puppet, and the next moment the flood gates just open and bring in scary feelings. This episode combined the greatest parts of all the three Evil Dead movies into one thirty-minute segment.

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