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The Flash Spoilers: Killer Frost in action

First Posted: Nov 24, 2016 10:12 AM EST
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Barry Allen is in another episode of adventure following episode 7 of The Flash series. In the present episode, fans of the show will be delighted to be taken in a tour regarding the character Killer Frost and her powers against enemies of Team Flash. Fans can also be intrigued whether Caitlyn Snow would be continue to go on with Team Flash.

International Business Times' recap of the latest episode, Barry Allen had a fight with Savitar, the man who brags about being the God of Speed, but unknown to Barry, Savitar also has the power to be invisible in the eyes of many. In this episode too, fans will see the minion of Savitar named Doctor Alchemy, who is being played by Harry Potter actor, Tom Felton. Felton's character is the sole proprietor in making Barry resign from the Central City Police after he threatened to make Caitlyn a Meta human.

However, the main topic for this episode is Killer Frost who is being played by Danielle Panabaker. In University Herald's article, Killer Frost is a big, bad, and cold villain who was working Zoom in Earth 2. Due to her powers, Team Flash is being cautious on her once she has finally control over them. Further, a back story regarding Killer Frost's mother warning to her is featured in the present episode. This warning centers on the irreversible effects of usage in Killer Frost's powers. However, Caitlyn disregarded these warnings as she was eager to save Barry from the powers of Savitar, which ended in chaos as consequence.

Fans are expected to make up theories on the real role of Killer Frost in The Flash series regarding on whether on whose side she will be and if she's the real villain for this season. Many suggests that her mission to save human beings might come into factor to continue her good deeds.

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