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Dune Remake: Legendary Entertainment acquires rights

First Posted: Nov 24, 2016 10:07 AM EST
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Frank Herbert's Dune series might return to the big and small screen as the Legendary Entertainment had just acquired rights to the novel. With this, fans should expect that the 1984 film, which disappointed many, will have a remake.

Any fans of science fiction novels surely known Frank Herbert's The Great Dune Trilogy, and now, most of them should rejoice as Legendary Entertainment will bring Dune once again in the big screen. Slash Film wrote that Legendary and Frank Herbert Estate has reached a final deal regarding the rights to the novel Dune in producing it in the film and television motion pictures.

The Dune series is respected by many as one of the greatest novels written after it was published in 1965. The story centers on Paul Atreides whose family was betrayed by the elite and noble families in the planet of Arrakis. The story follows his quest to gain revenge through rebellion. The novel focuses on a lot of themes including political, faith and interpersonal relationship of man.

Cinema Blend narrated some of the previous attempts to make the movie starting with David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of the science fiction novel. The original Dune film has made many distraught and described the film as incomprehensible for those who hasn't read the books. Nonetheless, in 2000, an attempt to make the book into miniseries was adapted by John Harrison. Meanwhile, Paramount considered to remake the film with director Peter Berg in the helm but the latter dropped. After which, Pierre Morel was tapped but the film also suffered the same consequences after he left the project. Since then, the film project has been in silence.

What are your thoughts regarding this Dune remake? Will it able to impress viewers such as the novels or frustrate some fans as did by the original film? Share your comments thru the space below.



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