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Selena Gomez reveals her surprising secret to staying healthy: 'I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito'

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 07:17 PM EST
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Recently, Selena Gomez, the pop singer just got its break from the limelight of showbiz. She had to focus on her health condition despite in the midst of her Revival World  Tour. Meanwhile, Gomez made a surprise appearance in the recent 2016 American Music Awards. She had revealed some of the ways on how does she get fit.

In a report from Inquistr, this singer of "Hands to Myself" had to go to the rehabilitation facility in order to treat her mental health which are symptoms of her battle against lupus. With this rehabilitation stage of Selena, it was a surprise that she looked so fine and glamorous with her fit body during the awards night of 2016 AMA. Well, she just revealed if what was her secret to stay fit in a magazine interview. Selena mentioned that she does some work out with her personal trainer. Her trainer helps her in giving her lots of motivation in order to attain her health and fitness goals. Her personal trainer is Amy Rosoff Davis.

"I really wanted to keep it up. I wanted to be healthy; I wanted to feel good. I just wanted to make sure I was the best I could be for the show and for my fans." Selena told during the interview.

In US Magazine report, it was revealed that Selena's main secret on how she stays fit is her sweat bed. She wraps herself and stays in the sweat bed like a burrito for 45 minutes. With this sweat bed, it makes the natural collagen in one's toxins in the body to make the skin feel softer. It is somewhat similar to a sauna. Moreover, Selena also said that it made her skin better and it changed her body a lot as she continually use the sweat bed. It may sound gross for others but it is really incredible for the pop singer.

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