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NBA News: Dirk Nowitzki return a blessing despite Mavs' loss to Clippers

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 05:43 PM EST
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Dirk Nowitzki was back again on Wednesday during Dallas Maverick's match against Los Angeles Clippers. Nowitzki returned after missing eight games due to a sore Achilles. However, his return didn't help Maverick from winning the game. Mavs lost at home 104-124, making it the longest  losing streak since 17 years ago (2 wins, 11 loses).

Nowitzki only played on a minute restriction. But he managed to contribute to his team, scoring 10 points with six rebounds in 19 minutes.

He said it is good to be back again, despite feeling a little bit tired. Coach Rick Carlisle praised Nowitzki's effort, even though the coach said the player didn't shoot the ball well. At least, it was a positive step.

Mavericks has some injury problems, besides Nowitzki. The return of Nowitzki will motivate other injured players to be back again. Deron Williams will be back either this week or next week, according to Dallas News. The injury of Williams, J.J Barea, and Devin Power (all are guards) made Mavs think hard to fill the loophole.

With the 2-11 record and the loss of three main guards, Mavs will have to fight hard as Friday they will face the defending champion Cleveland Cavalier, the best team in the Eastern Conference right now.
While on Sunday, they will face New Orleans, as the schedule turns home-friendly and the intensity of the competition slows down a bit. 

The most exciting rumor is swirling ahead of the Mavs-Cavs match this Friday. It is reported that Deron Williams become the main target of the Cavs and the defending champion is said to let three players (Mike Dunleavy, Jordan McRae, and Mo Williams) go in exchange for Williams.

According to reports from iTech Post, the Cavs are looking for a point guard that can support Kyrie Irving. Considering Williams is a veteran point guard and he is what the Cavs is looking for to defend the title

However, it seems that the Cavs' effort will face two main obstacles. First, Williams just signed a one-year contract with Mavericks worth US$ 10 million, meaning he can't be traded until December 15.
Second, Cavs has exceeded the salary to pay the salary that Williams will bring. 

Will Mavs let Williams go? Wait and see. 



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