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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68 Update: Wishes

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 03:39 AM EST
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The saga continues with Dragon Ball Super in the 68th episode of one of the longest running anime on television. In the most recent episode, the story tackled the wishes of characters to the infamous dragon wish-granting, Shenlong, further, many speculates that this episode is more of a prequel to another story of future Gohan and Trunks. Find out here.

According to News Everyday, episode 68 is a filler episode wherein some fans did not get the point of airing the episode. However, many still speculates that it will give way to the future Gohan and Trunks to be released on December 17, 2016.

The story of the episode revolved around Shenlong and the wishes of characters starting with Goku's promise to bring Kaio, Bubbles and Gregory back to life. Meanwhile, upon hearing that Goku is retrieving the Dragon Balls, Bulma, who is building a time machine and needs a blue crystal for it to perform, has gotten interest to have 1 wish. There are also others who wishes for different things such as Android 18, hoping to know Kuririn's desires and Master Roshi's want to desire hot girls

Nonetheless, upon retrieval and summoning of Shenlong, Goku asked Shenlong to heal Pan, who is sick due to the Super Saiyan blood, and gave Gohan the second wish. With one wish remaining, Bulma asked for the blue crystal but Goku objectified. Goku then proceeded to acquire the blue crystal from Earth's core so he could wish that Kaio, Bubbles and Gregory be revived.

Meanwhile, upon noticing the time machine, Wis and Beerus destroyed it since building a time machine is a serious crime. After then, Shenlong disappeared having fulfilled the three wishes by Goku and the company.

GameNGuide wrote previously about Arale Norimaki as another character who would spar off with Goku in the following episodes. He was supposedly be introduced in the Episode 68 but the character may be introduced in the following episode. Lastly, fan should be wary of the character named Hit, designed to make Goku suffer will also be introduced in the upcoming episodes.

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