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Zika Alert in Texas: Health Officials Watch For New Zika Transmission In Texas

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 10:13 AM EST
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Texas reported a probable local transmission of the Zika virus. The Department of State Health Services is on the lookout for more people infected with the Zika virus in Texas.

The infected patient is a woman who lives in Brownsville, on the Gulf Coast near the Mexican border. State health officials have confirmed by lab tests that the woman was infected with the Zika virus.

According to El Paso Proud, until now, more than 250 cases of Zika have been reported so far in Texas, all of those cases are related to travel.

According to a statement during the infection, the woman was not pregnant, bringing relief to CDC officials because an infection during pregnancy can lead to a serious brain defects in fetuses. The virus was detected in her urine but her blood test was negative, which means that the virus has not fully affected her body, The New York Times reported.

The Zika virus sprung last year through several Latin American Countries, including Brazil, Columbia, and Honduras. According to U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, by an infected Aedes Aegypti species mosquito generally Zika virus is contaminated, but can also spread through sex by an infected person.

There were no other cases of suspected local transmission. The maximum use of air conditioners and window screens, among other factors, would probably prevent the virus from becoming widespread in Texas, said by a spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Service Van Deusen.

"We knew it was going to happen at some point, of course, we want to limit its spread as much as we can," Van Deusen added.

According to a statement released by CDC, an environment assessment had been conducted at the patient's home and mosquitoes were being tested for the finding results. Health workers would also visit every people's door and patient's neighborhood to collect urine samples in search for other infection. They would also help people to detect mosquito breeding sites on their property.

State Health Department assures that no need to panic but people needs to be aware and vigilant.

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