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First Zika case reported in Texas as the outbreak continues on

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 04:02 PM EST
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Health official in the US stated that the first Zika virus case was reported in Texas on Monday, believed to be from a local mosquito bite. Previously, Florida became the first state that reported Zika case.Up till now, the report said all Zika cases were contracted during traveling.

The Texas Department of State Health Services stated that the patient was a woman in Cameron County, near the Mexican border. Luckily, she is not pregnant and has not traveled to Mexico or any Zika-affected areas recently, as BBC writes. The woman got infected after she had her urine tested. But, her blood test proved negative, meaning virus won't be spread by another mosquito from her.

A virus transmission in pregnant women can cause a birth defect called microcephaly. It is a defect when a baby has a head in smaller size than the normal one. Children born with microcephaly have developmental problems when they grow older. However, other factors can cause microcephaly too, such as Down Syndrome, a drug use, rubella infection during pregnancy, and alcohol use, as explained by WHO.

People infected with Zika virus experience rash, fever, and a mild illness. However, most Zika-infected people have no any symptoms at all.

Dr. John Hellerstedt, the heath department commissioner said he and his colleagues still don't believe about the virus widespread in Texas, but it is a must to anticipate more cases so people know how to protect themselves.

Zika virus infections in the U.S are associated with traveling to affected areas. especially Latin American countries and the Caribbean. In the past week, there were 257 confirmed cases of Zika virus illness. Until now, all of the cases in Texas had been linked with traveling activities, which include two babies born to women who had traveled during their pregnancies and two people who were engaged in sexual activities with infected travelers. 




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