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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 7 'Mirror Image'

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:17 PM EST
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Criminal Minds

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How did the network do that? Hotch together with Jack were put to Witness Protection Program in order to protect them from a serial killer called "Mr. Scratch" (Bodhi Elfman). This made Hotch resign in his work as the BAU chief to avoid his son from the risk of his job. Emily Prentiss will replace him as the BAU chief.

So, what should be watched next week? This episode "Mirror Image" is worthy to see. Here's why.

According to Game & Guide, Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Taylor) will be the center of the story of Season 12, episode 7. The synopsis revealed that she will meet her brother Gabriel Lewis (Terrence Terrell). But the interesting part is that the man (Allimi Ballard) whom introduced himself was not her real brother but an impostor. He knew well all the details of Gabriel's life including how he was related to Dr. Tara. Dr. Tara finds the situation difficult because she cannot contact her real brother.

It was revealed by the promo of the upcoming Criminal Minds episode that this impostor has kidnapped Dr. Tara's brother. In her eagerness to unlock the secret behind the appearance of the mysterious man BAU will open an investigation and Dr. Tara even bring her father into the interrogation room, as News Everyday reported.

This episode also for the first time will focus on Dr. Tara Lewis more identity revelation. It would reveal her experiences that brought her to FBI. It would even give us Dr. Lewis past, so a young Tara will be shown together with her brother in their childhood.

Criminal Minds season 12 was directed by Joe Mantegna, a fellow cast. The episode will also focus on Garcia. Her capability to keep a secret will be put to test. She has learned something about Tara's brother and when she would disclose this is more exciting to see.

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