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Moana: Thoughts to ponder on Disney’s Polynesian princess

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 04:02 AM EST
UK Gala Screening of Disney's 'MOANA'

Photo : Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Disney

Animated-film giant Disney has brought another masterpiece of work with its newest film, Moana. As everyone knows, Disney also delivered to the big screens the movie Frozen, wherein the theme song has made several kids and adults sing it for months. Now, with their latest addition to their list of princesses, from a Polynesian descent, what can the movie-goers expect and learn?

Fusion wrote a review regarding some thoughts that shall juggle your mind after watching Moana. In their review, the writer talked about the cultural treatment of the studio since they will be showing Polynesian culture. As expected, aside from being brown in complexity, Moana has been described as a great character which doesn't need any love interest to be the hero of the movie. With regard to the Pacific Islanders, the studio made great effort on showing the curly hair and culture related practices.

Disney also invested in using the ideas of Oceanic Story Trust, group of Pasifika advisors that offered counsel during the production, to make sure that the movie will be accurate due to its diverse nature and cultural authenticity of the film. From big to small details, the Trust made sure that Moana captured Polynesian traits such as Maui. In the pre draft, Maui was a bald and fat guy but thanks to the Trust, they were able to include the shaggy hair in the final output.

In turn, this movie is exceptional due to its exploration of the minority group wherein they used the Polynesian. It is easily pondered to say that Disney made great efforts in promoting diversity in this expanding world, with respecting other cultures and rituals. Nonetheless, the movie also made sure to promote the role of women plays in this current time.

Moana has been a great success as it recorded an USD 81 million profit on the five-day holiday weekend as reported by The Daily Beast. Moana now holds the second place in biggest Thanksgiving opening after the Frozen. Moana is expected to top the this year's Thanksgiving box office.

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