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Prince Harry to hang out with Rihanna; should girlfriend Meghan Markle worry?

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:19 PM EST
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Prince Harry, His Royal Highness, just revealed his serious relationship with the actress Meghan Markle. He even addressed this matter on his official Kensington Palace announcement. Meanwhile, the two may have a good relationship right now but they are also busy with their respective lives. Should Markle be worried as it was reported that Prince Harry will soon be meeting up with Rihanna?

According to the International Business Times, Prince Harry, who was once referred as the "party prince" was appointed to have a 14-day official engagement. He will be visiting the 35th Anniversary of Independence  of Antigua and Barbuda, alongside with Barbados and Guyana.

It may a coincident that His Royal Highness will be meeting music royalty Rihanna. She will be back home in her country of Barbados. Speculations have been roaming around as Prince Harry will get to know more Rihanna without the presence of his girlfriend-Meghan Markle.

This will be for the whole two weeks. Fans of Rihanna and Prince Harry could not help but think that they may get so close with other to the point that Markle should worry. As mentioned in The Hollywood Gossip, Rihanna is extremely attractive and she loves to have a good time. Also, the iconic singer Rihanna is now single as her relationship with Drake was put into an end recently. On the other hand, Prince Harry is as charming as ever and he loves to have some fun around.

Meanwhile, perhaps supporters of Meghan Markle should stop from freaking out as Prince Harry seems to be so serious about his relationship with Markle. It was also recently reported that as His Royal Highness is away from his girlfriend, he makes sure that Markle will always be safe anywhere. The Prince was even willing to pay for a personal bodyguard for her to assure her safety throughout the day.

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