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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 7 Instead Of Google Pixel

First Posted: Dec 13, 2016 01:44 AM EST

It's true that Apple has always been an all-rounder with its iPhone ranges. Although, Google has also been a tough competitor to the tech giant. Recently, Google added its own unique spark with Pixel range and also attempted to boost its pace in the race against Apple.

Design and Elements 

But as far specifications and features are concerned Apple leaves no stone unturned to classify itself as the best in the charts of Smartphone and tablet makers of the world. Ethnic design alongside superlative elements is what the flagships of Apple are all about. Let's catch up more with the trend and understand why Apple's iPhone 7 is far better than Google Pixel.


According to GSM Arena, iPhone 7 is lighter and less weighty than Google Pixel. Apple's latest lineup of iPhone comes with only 138 gm of mass, whereas, Google's masterpiece: Pixel weights to 168 gm. So, naturally, Apple's iPhone 7 is handier than Google Pixel.


Also, iPhone 7 and Apple's Mac computing devices are more accessible with each other and with the support of dedicated  Apple apps like AirDrop, FaceTime, iMessage, receiving phone calls etc. it becomes easier to transfer data, files and chats among two or more individuals than devices like Google Pixel.

Colours & Variants

As per Business Insider, iPhone comes with more color variants than Google Pixel. While Google Pixel comes with black and silver color options alongside a limited edition blue version, Apple iPhone 7 sports four different colors like silver, matte black, jet black, gold, and rose gold.

Water Resistance

Apple's latest iPhone flagship comes with water resistant feature which makes in handier in humid as well as in cold atmosphere. Also, it can be used in underwater discovery and photography. On the other hand, Google Pixel range lacks the attribute of water resistance.

Camera Specifications

iPhone 7 Plus comes with dual lens camera which makes it easier to capture picture perfect snaps even when it is zoomed. The secondary one is an optical lens which attributes to click moments optically with each and every detail surfaced properly. However, Google Pixel range don't come with any such optical lens.

Cloud Storage

Apple's iPhone 7 also comes with a powerful cloud system. This feature helps users to save and list their tasks, official documents, important files, collections easier. Whereas Google Pixel comes with regular and conventional cloud services which are little tough to handle.

Battery Efficiency

Battery drainage is also an essential factor in the case of any smartphone. iPhone 7 comes with a better and advanced battery management system which makes it more battery efficient even when potential apps are running continuously on the device. Google Pixel doesn't carry any such arranged power management attribute.

Display Attributes

Unlike Google Pixel, Apple iPhone 7 comes with incredible display elements such as 3D Touch, Wide color gamut with Apple's trademark home button and dedicated display zoom. This makes the front display of iPhone 7 ranges more accessible and more approachable than Google's Pixel flagships  

Better Operating System

There are also advancements seen with iPhone 7's Operating system. iOS 10 is giving the device the best ever operating ease and comfort to its users. Whereas Google's Pixel is still little behind with its Android 7.1 OS in comparison to iOS 10's premium features. 

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