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Apple to bring VR gaming to the first batch of 2017 iMacs plus AMD Radeon Polaris Graphics Chips

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 09:50 PM EST
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As Apple embarks on a serious battle with its most competitive rivals (Microsoft, HP and Samsung) the Cupertino based company is going to need way more than just looks to win this battle. MacBook laptops might be doing very well in the market, with the excellent hardware and design, but let's face it, Apple's iMacs aren't really afloat with the glory.

Ever since the entry of better and cheaper desktop computers like the Dell OptiPlex, Lenovo Think Center X1 and HP Envy, Apple has been counting on multi-million companies and well up families to buy their iMacs.

However, this has meant that most of the average earning consumers and businesses have opted for the cheaper options, thus leaving Apple with just a few iMac pieces to sell. Notably, the major drawbacks on Apple computers are not usually associated with hardware nor design.

When it comes to design and hardware quality, Apple gets an outright A+. Macworld pointed out that with the new Retina and 4K technologies on iMacs, we are sure that iMacs will be staying market-valid at least for the entire 2017. But again, their OS seems to have stalled back in 2012 and the gaming experience on these computer can't be compared to what we get on the conventional PC's like HP and Dell.

 The next generation of iMacs is expected to counter most of the recurring downsides in these computers. According to iTechpost, the new iMacs might be powered by an Intel Kaby Lake processor. This is not a surprise, since we are aware that the next generation of MacBooks too will feature this new Intel processors.

On the other hand, if they are going to achieve some breathtaking gaming capabilities, them they will have to give the new iMac a touch of AMD's Radeon Polaris Graphics chips.

There is also a high chance that Apple will want to feature VR technology in their new iMacs. Top companies like Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in bringing Virtual Reality to their devices. It would be really unfortunate if Apple will miss out on such a great chance to recover their slowly sinking glory. We just hope that the VR-ready for iMac 2017 rumor is true.

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