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Apple’s upcoming iMac in 2017 will feature AMD’s VR-ready Polaris graphics chips

First Posted: Dec 28, 2016 10:57 AM EST
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Earlier in the year, the rumour mill was afloat with a potential release of the iMac 2016 for their September keynote but however, it didn't happen and as always, people were disappointed. Another reported followed suit with a potential Kaybee lake processor making it's way to the iMacs, where the processors themselves will be released in January.

But the real question is, will it finally happen? Nobody knows about it yet! A proper update to the iMacs happened a couple of years back, in 2014. A recent report emerged; in this case, on Macworld, where the i7-7700 kaybee lake processor is now very much happening on the upcoming iMac and even the benchmarks for the same are out to the public.

As per a report by Appleinsider, earlier this year, American retailer BestBuy, in a rather hasty move even listed the hardware on sale at US$3200 only to be removed soon further fueling speculations as to whether an upgrade was finally out. A week back, news on Macworld now reveals that the new iMacs for the upcoming year will also include AMD's graphics based on their 'Polaris' architecture which were announced early this year.

A report from WCCFtech alleges that AMD in fact won the contract but there was no official confirmation until April this year. The processors in question that will reportedly be inside the upcoming iMac are in fact the Polaris 10 and 11. 

The new set of graphics chips with new technology provide a huge boost in graphics performance and overall computing. The 14nm chips now being implemented in the hardware would mean that Apple can fit more transistors involving lesser power to transmit signals across them. Alongside slimmer processors, the new Polaris chips also plays a vital role in virtual reality, the most influential technology this year making Apple users too, eligible to enjoy virtual reality on their own platform without switching to Windows or consoles.  

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