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Amazon's Airship Patent Request Has Been Granted: Airborne Fulfillment Centers Will Make Drones Work More Easier

First Posted: Dec 30, 2016 03:10 AM EST
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Soon, online shopping is just a drop away with the recent patent request of Amazon to make shopping better, faster and convenient. With the Amazon's airship patent of up to 45,000 feet in the air, a mobile warehouse will be rounding up above, carrying some of the best buys of Amazon. A special drone will be used to drop off the products ordered, making less hassle on delivery trucks or motorcycles catching up the highway traffic.

The drone delivery service which was already tested in the United Kingdom has expanded the imagination of Amazon CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos to use airships and thus made his way into filing all the documents needed to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. Based on reports from SFGate, the idea is to make the delivery even faster than 30 minutes as flying warehouses looms over the vicinity. Once the "airborne fulfillment center" receives the order, the nearest airship in the area will dispatch a drone to deliver the goods, right in front of the customer.

This amazing idea will be very useful to events when a customer needs the product right away without having to go to their house to pick the goods, airships will make the drone delivery service faster with its airborne fulfillment center. However, the cost of energy to deploy drones without a backload can be expensive and wasteful as per reports from The Denver Post. Drones that came from land-based warehouses need adequate energy to stay in the air, making its propellers to continually spin.

Airship designs are technologies from the 19th century when self-propelling transports were invented that time. Still, these type of facility needs to be monitored and updated due to the demands it will carry out and the products it will handle. Amazon will have to make more airships, big and small ones to cater more drones to handle more products to keep the warehouse airship floating.

Amazon's airship has no definite launching date and has not specified when they can use this kind of system. Although some patents have not materialized until now, Amazon hopes to make this happen since Facebook and Google have already used airships and drones to provide Internet connectivity to their users.

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