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Ancient Bull Taming Festival “Jallikattu” Divides India

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 02:36 AM EST
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'Jallikattu' has been an ancient bull taming festival in the southern state of India, which has been practiced for a thousand years. For some of the Indians this has been travelled and passed on for generations together and they strongly believe it is a cultural identity.The sport has been practised mainly in the state called Tamil Nadu.

Mainly played during the harvest festival in South India, this festival is all about taming bulls that are arrogant and wild. It is also one of the most dangerous practices as people who attempt to tame the bulls usually get injured seriously and sometimes it could even be fatal.

In 2014 the Supreme Court of India has outlawed the practice considering the fact that the festival is cruel to animals. Other organizations that support the welfare of animals have also gone against the festival.

This had left many people upset from the southern state of India (Tamil Nadu), many have expressed their disapproval of the decision in banning the sport as per VI Portal.

In fact the chief minister of the state Tamil Nadu has written to the country's Prime Minister to consider revoking the ban on 'Jallikattu.' As for the people of the state it is a sentiment and something they cannot stop that has been going on for years.

The issue is critical, though it is considered an act of animal cruelty it is the culture of the state. According to In Business, the debate on India maintaining the ban on a bull taming sporting event is far from reaching a conclusion.

Many actors from the country like Kamal Haasan and Danush feel that the sport must continue, because it is a matter of pride for a person from Tamil Nadu. People have even compared the bull fighting events in Spain stating that bulls are not hurt in the sport 'Jallikattu.'

The decision still needs to be made by the Supreme Court as there are equal number of supporters it turns out that there are people who are against it as well and this even includes some of the farmers.

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