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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Faking Poverty In Her New Instagram Family Photos

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 11:29 AM EST
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Kim Kardashian has finally returned to the limelight and social media after the robbery ordeal back in October.  She has been taking a break to recover from the trauma of being in a armed robbery in Paris.

According to Daily Mail, the reality TV star recently posted a series of pictures of her private life on Instagram featuring herself with husband Kanye West and children North, 3, and Saint, 1.

Although the pictures were welcomed by fans, but many claimed that they were edited and taken deliberately in front of a backdrop that will make the family look poor. Fans were left wondering whether trying to convey that they are living a non-luxurious life has something to do with her recent robbery.

According to NY Daily News, one user commented that they are trying to redeem themselves after splurging on luxury and leading an extravagant life for years. Fans were pretty sarcastic to see the 80's style edited picture taken in a shack looking home.

Kanye, North and Saint were seeing wearing simple plain white clothes, without any brand logo being seen. The house was noticeable furniture-less.

Fans were displeased that stated that the multimillionaire family should stop acting and looking so poor in the name of art and fashion.

While in Paris, Kim was robbed on gunpoint and thieves stole more than $5 million worth of jewelry. Earlier this week, around 17 people were arrested regarding the case, including Kim's chauffer. However the Limo Chauffer was later released but suspicion was raised that the robbery was an inside job.

Bad news for Kim the Parisian police has informed her that is slim to no chance of recovering a crucial the jewellry, her $4 million engagement ring. It is likely that the ring has already changed hands through black market.

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