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Brazil's Ministry of Health: Declares State of Emergency for a Huge Epidemic of Yellow Fever, 38 Died

First Posted: Jan 18, 2017 12:50 PM EST
The Deadly History of the Yellow Fever : Documentary on the Yellow Fever (Full Documentary

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In previous weeks, WHO warned Brazil to have a possible huge epidemic of yellow fever after many of speculated deaths from the diseases that were accounted in an area with a low coverage of vaccination. Brazil's Ministry of Health is likewise speculated that the illness has already claimed 38 lives since the 1st of January in Minas Gerais. However, there are still 133 speculated cases that are infected with yellow fever.

According to plus55, the state government declared a state of emergency in 152 urban communities. Governor Fernando Pimentel launched an $8-million vaccination venture to counter-attack and 735,00 dosages of vaccine from the MOH which was sent to Mina Gerais a week ago. The ministry prescribed that the individuals living in rural areas of the 24 affected districts in Minas Gerais get vaccinated, which will be administered in seven days a week.

In addition, Healio reported that as indicated by WHO, one dose of yellow fever vaccine offers a lifetime assurance. But still, MOH prescribes two doses for individuals in Brazil: one dose for 9 months and another one dose for 4 years old. For the travelers who is wishing to protect themselves from yellow fever, they should be immunized for at least 10 days before their trip. Because of the low vaccine coverage, the spread of yellow fever had gone rapidly in Minas Gerais, and there is a worry when the outbreak will cross the border to neighbor state that likewise has a low vaccine coverage.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is similar that transmits Dengue fever and the Zika Virus, likewise, it transmits yellow fever. This mosquito's population develops during summer months because of the serious rainfall. However, the Biologists bring up that the yellow fever outbreak may have a connection with the 2015 Mariana catastrophe that destroyed the entire towns and brought about 19 deaths because of a crumple of iron pole-residue which spilled with the equivalent of 21,000 Olympic-sized pools of mud, and it was the most exceedingly environmental disaster in Brazilian history.

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