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'Pokémon Go' Update: New Patch Features Cheap Storage Upgrades For Everyone

First Posted: Feb 16, 2017 09:28 PM EST
'Pokémon Go' Update: New Patch Features Cheap Storage Upgrades For Everyone

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"Pokémon Go" has a new update and it's getting 80 new monsters for players to catch this week, which also means a lot of Go players may need to upgrade their storage to accommodate the added content.

Niantic, developer of the hit mobile game, is making it easier for everyone to upgrade by means of giving discounts to Pokémon storage upgrades for the next two weeks.

According to Polygon, from Feb. 16 through Feb. 28, increasing the amount of storage that players have will cost them 50 percent fewer Poké Coins than usual. That makes the upgrade a 100 Poké Coin purchase, which is equivalent to only 99 cents in real currency.

Each upgrade will grant players 50 more available slots in their bags. To reach the maximum capacity, which is currently set to 1,000 Pokémon, players are going to be spending around $15 to reach that point.

By default, players can store up to 250 Pokémon on their bags at any moment. That would leave a lot of room for those players who like to collect two of the same kind, or duplicates, of their favorite monsters, or even hoard a lot of Pokémon in hopes of eventually turning them into candy later on.

Now that the new patch adds an additional 80 more Pokémon to collect, it seems that 250 slots may no longer be enough. Which is why it truly makes a whole lot of sense for Niantic to upgrade the storage at a cheaper price since this would make it very much convenient for every player.

According to a report from GameUp24, Android users are going to be receiving the generation 2 "Pokémon Go" update, which is also going to be added new items and even outfits to "Pokémon Go." All players with Android phones should be able to access the new update by the end of the week.

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