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'Beauty and the Beast' News: LeFou Actor Josh Gad Proud of Gay Character in Movie

First Posted: Mar 05, 2017 11:41 PM EST
Josh Gad Visits Disneyland

Photo : Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images

"Beauty and the Beast" is Disney's live action adaptation of the classic cartoon and it has been receiving a lot of backlash. It all started when LeFou was pronounced to be Disney's first openly gay character in Disney movies. The movie is even being banned in some theaters in the US but actor Josh Gad who plays LeFou is proud of his character.

Movie director Bill Condon is reportedly the reason why the movie is getting a lot of backlash especially from conservatives even though "Beauty and the Beast" is from Disney. E Online reports that the director stated that LeFou, who is Gaston's close friend, is the first openly gay character in Disney's movies.

Josh Gad who plays LeFou in Disney's live action adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" stated that he is proud of the character and how he is in the movie. He adds that he and Bill Condon wanted to make LeFou more dimensional and build him up and the result could be seen in the movie.

The LeFou actor hopes that the audience will see the moment in "Beauty and the Beast." The "exclusively gay moment" in Disney's movie has been tagged as subtle. It can be seen when LeFou secretly flirts with the film's Gaston (played by Luke Evans) and dancing with another male.

Bill Cordon expressed that they did not anticipate the negative responses they receive for LeFou's character in "Beauty and the Beast." Entertainment Weekly reports that the director called the backlash "overblown" for something they had fun with. He questioned why others would make a big deal of it because LeFou is supposed to be a character that just realized his kind of feelings for Gaston.

The screening of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" has been canceled in several American theaters including the one in Alabama. The movie may be banned in Russia as well as it was accused of "gay propaganda."

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