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OnePlus 4 Update: Introduced New Name OnePlus 5

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 07:41 PM EDT
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OnePlus 4 is expected to be launched ahead of its scheduled release date. In addition, the mobile change its name to OnePlus 5 to avoid bad luck. With each passing day, working capacity and speed of the device are being increased. . From the launch of OnePlus to OnePlus 3 it has got much popularity for its better features and very reliable price.

According to Droid Report, the Chinese creators of OnePlus 4 were reportedly able to stand out due to their ability to offer high-end hardware that could be available for cheaper price. It is also observed that OnePlus was far from underselling because of its specs and features kind of resembles with the high-end cellular devices.

As per Techradar, the creators of OnePlus 4 are sticking to their principles. This is observable on their previous creation, the OnePlus 3T, which has a 6GB RAM and high-end spec but only available at $439. Even if it receives multiple praises for its specs and price, the phone mentioned has still had some errors that were noticed by users.

Fans would just have to wait for the official launch of the OnePlus 4 to know what improvements the creators did to the device. The latest flagship device by OnePlus namely OnePlus 4 is expected to come with 8 GB of RAM which is really a great news for Android fans. Under the hood, fans can see Snapdragon 830 processor which is a pretty well built one. Some tech critics are also predicting that this device will feature a 64 GB internal storage while the external might be around 128 GB via microSD.

The megapixel count on OnePlus 4's rear snapper may change but it will probably be dropped in line with the current trend of 12MP snappers from the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. The front-facing one will get a new megapixel count, though, as 8MP is higher than most rivals, while still low enough to take a good shot.

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